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Jared’s ‘90 Racing Red Miata PDF Print E-mail

One of our long time supporters and ultra-fan has brought us another one of his toys. And this one is one compact little rocket! Jared has asked us to give him a little more power in his 1990 red convertible Mazda Miata Turbo. In order to oblige Jared, we hooked his car up with a VEMS ECU complete with blue backlight LCD screen, Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) display and logging as well as boost control too - just for fun! This little car definitely packs a punch and has already won a few races on the West coast.
The car is still using its stock 1.8L motor and has a Mitsubishi 16G turbo fitted, with a high flowing exhaust power topped out just over 200 hp and the turbo was able to make 14 psi before being too small to make effective power.  Since the initial setup the car has been daily driven and is in the process of getting a larger turbo for even more fun.

Jared's Red Miata